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Events are Free Networking Socials sponsored by M9 Group and held at their training facility in Sandy (SLC), Utah.  The events last about an hour and a half and will feature a brief message from the Perfect People Program and then offer the opportunity for attendees to interact with one another and make new contacts.  The events are held on Thursday's and attendees must register through the website.  

The Training Classes are conducted by a live certified M9G Instructor and typically held at the clients facility and is exclusive to the clients members.  M9G will present one or all of the training modules as per the clients instruction.  Attendees will recieve instruction, a kit with materials and tools as well as access to the Perfect People Members site that will include tools and other resources to help apply the teachings.     

Coaching and Mentoring is an offering that provides the student with long term tutoring and implimentation tools to help condition actions that produce quantum productivity and achievments.  The M9G Certified Instructor will help the student understand the Power of a Paradigm and guide through the completion of the Paradigm worksheet and set them up with the applications that will set daily goals and reminders during the 28-day cycle.  The Coaching and Mentoring Program requires at least a one month commitment, but the client may choose to do a month-to-month program or a specific term option.   

The Perfect People Institute is ideal for a client that would like to send a one or a few of their leaders to an offsite facility to receive world class leadership instruction, taught by Victor Midgley.  This program provides a full day training at the M9G training facilty in Sandy (SLC), Utah.  This option gives the attendees an opportunity to be well taught without the distractions of the office.  Also, the attendee gets the opotunity to associate with other leaders from other organizations to learn from their experiences as well.  Lunch and a Kit are included in the tuition.        

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