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Events are typically FREE Networking Socials sponsored by M9 Group and usually held at the Training Facility in Sandy (SLC), Utah.  The events generally run about an hour and a half and will include a brief inspiring message from the Perfect People Program and then offer the attendees an opportunity to become aquainted with each other with the idea of creating new connections.  Although the events are free, the attendees must register by going to the Events page on the myperfectpeople website.  An organization can choose to host a private event for their people, in which case, registering is not required.  

Training Classes are usually full day sessions sponsored by the client specifically for their people.  This offering includes a live certified M9G Instructor, PowerPoint Presentation, Exercises and Materials including a Training Kit for each student (seperate cost).  The students receive inspiring instruction that will lead to improved productivity.  The classes are held at the clients location and facility.  The client may customize which modules they would like their organization to receive, either Ledgendary Leadership, Self Mastery, People Interaction or all three.  

Coaching and Mentoring is the application and implimentation process of what was taught in the Perfect People Course.  Coaching and Mentoring requires a long term commitment, which a client may choose a month-to-month program or a fixed term.  The client will be assigned a certified M9G instructor to teach and guide through the worksheet and help set up the M9G tools that will help remind the participant of the new rituals and habits they have set up that will lead to a behavior change.  When M9G teaches, guides and monitors the process, quantum improvement is the result.  The unique processes of M9 Group will ensure people and organization reach optimal progress.   

The Perfect People Institute is ideal for companies that  may be on a budget and/or have a few individuals they would like to provide additional leadership training and development for.  This full day instruction offers the attendee world class training from Victor Midgley himself, along with a networking opportunity with other leaders from other organization that can help create best practice ideas.  The Perfect People Institute allows the attendee to particapte in developing thier leadership skills from an off site location free of office distractions.  The M9G facility is very professional and conducive to higher learning.  The tuition includes lunch and the training kit along with access to the Membership Section of the website.  The Institute offers classes twice a month (on going).   

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